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Causes of Sump Pump Failure

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When it comes to removing water from a flooded basement, a typical tool of the trade is the handy sump pump.  The size of the flooded area will determine the size of the sump pump necessary.  Once running, there are several reasons why your pump may stop functioning. Sump pump left unplugged or accidently unplugged Blown fuse or circuit breaker tripped Pump jammed (stone, mud, etc.) Discharge pipe frozen or clogged Pump not large enough for amount of incoming water Pump burned Continue Reading ...

A Few Common Causes of Water Damage

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Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims.  Below, you will find a few of the more common ways that you may experience water damage in your home. Swimming Pool If you have a swimming pool, you need to make sure it is sealed and stays sealed.  If your pool springs a leak, it could flood your yard and possibly into your basement. Sewage Without notice, a sewage line could back up and result in flooding.  If this happens, it is more vital than normal to resolve the Continue Reading ...