Tips on Fire Safety

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Simply stated, fire safety is important.  It becomes even more important if you have children in your home.  Some think that fire safety is simply knowing what to do if your clothes catch on fire, but it is way more than that. Fire safety is everything you need to know to be safe, to make your home safe, and knowing what to do if ever a fire starts in your home. Of course, the best way to practice fire safety is to make sure a fire doesn't break out in the first place. 

Educate Your Children and Yourself

When it comes to children in your home, informing and teaching them about the dangers of fire and proper fire safety can save the lives of your children.  Having your children know about and practice fire safety is the best way to prevent loss of life and property.  Check out Sparky, FEMA, and Education World for some fire safety activites for your children.

Fire safety is not a joking matter but that doesnt mean that learning about fire safety can't be fun. Fire safety can be taught in a number of ways to help children understand without fear.  There are a multitude of options available when it comes to helping teach your children the values of fire safety in an enjoyable manner.

Any and all adults within the home should also be aware of what to do in case of a fire.  The most important aspect of keeping your family safe is having and practicing a plan to ensure the safety of all family members.

Tips for Staying Safe

Below is a short list of fire safety tips that no home should be without.

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas.  You don't have to go overboard, but at the end of the day, there is no such thing as too much of a warning.
  • When it comes to your smoke alarms, test them once a month.  If they’re not working, change the batteries.
  • Hold a family meeting with all members of your home.  Have an escape plan put together from every room and make sure everyone knows where to meet.
  • If a fire does break out in your home, get out and stay out.  Once outside, call for help and let the fire fighters do their jobs.

It can't be stated enough – fire safety and fire prevention is a matter of life and death.  Take it seriously, and in the event of a fire in your home, have a plan so your family remains safe.

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